2017 7H4 ANNY HASH – Location

Here’s a map with the campsite location:

GPS Location:

37.399302, -79.118219


Campsite is behind the Training Center. From downtown Lynchburg, take 29 across the river. Take the first exit across the river, then take a right.

Follow the road past the Training Center (don’t take the right turn into the training center, just go straight). The street loops around the training center. When you get to the intersection with the water towers, keep going straight. You’ll be on Carolina Ave. Keep going as the road curves around and goes downhill. When you first get to the trailer park, keep going straight. Next you’ll be heading straight into their mailboxes. Turn right at the mailboxes on to Overlook Drive. It’s all the way down the end of Overlook Drive. When it transitions to a dirt road, it splits in two directions – both ways go to the campsite but the right turn is shorter.

Please be careful – the dirt roads are really only wide enough for one vehicle at a time.

Any questions or difficulty finding the place, please contact STD at std.7h4@gmail.com

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